Hey there, I'm Barbi!

Generic size charts? Heck no --
I've made custom fit videos just for you!
My sizing details --
5ft 6in : : 150lbs : : Short Waist : : Long Legs : : Average/Long Arm Length : : Average/Small Shoulder Width : : 34DDD
I typically wear a size small in Mirabella tops, medium in unisex tshirts, size 5/7 in Judy Blue & medium bottoms.


Let's face it... dresses are max comfort but like, we look so put together

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Whether you'd like a little something or a whole lot of everything we just can't do without accessories.

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When it comes to layering with cardigans we just can't say no. But also sorry, not sorry because we wear them all year.

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Judy Blue Denim

I'm 5'6 with long legs and a short waist. I wear size 5 or 7 in JUDY BLUE denim. A medium in shorts. Always watch my try on video to indicate if that particular style deviates from usual.

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Living for Graphic Tee's

Hey yall ~ I'm 5'6 and I wear a size medium in all of our graphic tees! Most are Bella Canvas but some are Canvas Colors brand! I am so *not* a fan of a junky tees so you'll only see high quality, durable prints at Mirabella!

Frequently Asked Questions

About Barbi, the "model" & owner's sizing

Hey guys it's Barbi. I'm the owner. Why is it me on every post? After 10 years in business we found it's much easier to shop when you're accustomed to my sizing and how it relates to yours.
I'm 5'6 and typically weigh 140-160lbs. I'm short waisted with longer legs, a 36DD/34DDD bust, and size 8.5 foot.
My shoulders are pretty standard width, pretty standard arm length (if anything slightly long), I always need space for my bum in pants so without stretch I size up.
I wear a size 8/10 in most pants but a 5/7 in our amazing JUDY BLUE jeans. Medium in JUDY BLUE shorts.
Without a higher waist pant I have a good chunk of muffin top so I'm allllll about that higher waist!!

Why don't you have a size chart?

Like pretty much every article of clothing made for women, they all run different. No generic size chart exist for us because of this. Check out our try on videos for each product for size information. For consistency Barbi (the owner) models everything. See the info above for details about her sizing and clothing needs.

Are all of your products online?

We do the best we can but whew, we have so much! So no. There is typically alot more in store!

What is your return policy?

Long story short... online purchases are eligible for a full refund minus shipping for 30 days. In store purchases are eligible for exchange/in store credit for 30 days.

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What's the best way to follow Mirabella?

Joining our private facebook group, Mirabella Babes is absolutely the best way to follow along. Behind the scenes updates, Barbi's newest try ons, new arrivals, special deals, sales and so much more! Click to join!
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